Built on the expertise of top DeFi protocols & DAOs

All-In-One Dashboard

Keep an eye on the radar moving in real-time

Speed over everything else, get live mints, live sweeps, and live token movements, as they happen without losing a single blink.

Custom Alerts & Quick Buy

Don't let the opportunity escape.

When you find trading alpha, snipe it as soon as it appears using our proprietary fast buy algorithms.

Manage Portfolio

Your portfolio grows while the market grows.

We scan 10+ different chains to provide you visibility across all the on-chain spectrum, giving you more control of your finances in real-time.

All Tokens Included

Trade Ape NFT or Ape Token with the same platform

Not just NFTs, we open the world to you within the whole crypto ecosystem; any money-making opportunity is worth exploring with DeFi, Leverages, Liquidity Pools, or DAOs.

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